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Cyber Security & Risk Management Academy provides training courses, career and certification pathways to increase the level of knowledge in Cyber security and Risk Management. The Advisory board of the Academy consists of the Cyber security and Risk Management experts from home and abroad.

Our goal is to develop Next Generation Cyber workforce.

Our certified foreign and local Instructors brings great Industry experiences that not only helps students in understanding the training content but also allows mentorship in career advancement when/as applicable. The course content is updated with the most recent developments in information security and Risk Management. While our courses are focused towards achieving International recognized certifications, the Academy also offers customized training for corporate and Govt. organizations.


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Exclusive Mile2® Authorized Training Partner

Cyber Security & Risk Management Academy is the Exclusive mile2® Authorized Training Partner that has officially teamed up with mile2®, a Worldwide respected name in Cyber Security based in USA, to offer cyber security certification courses in Bangladesh as well as to assist schools, vocational training institute, and universities to introduce vendor-neutral Cyber security curriculum to help students learn critical cyber security knowledge and skills.

A few words on the mile2® cyber security course ware and certifications:

1) Mile2 is known for their robust list of cyber security certifications for prominent global organizations such as:

C) ISSO (Certified Information Systems Security Officer -- for the Canadian Department of National Defense;
C)PTE (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer) – for the United States Air Force;
C)NFE (Certified Network Forensics Examiner) – for a United States Counterintelligence Agency
C)SWAE (Certified Secure Web Application Engineer) -- for Boeing Aerospace.

2) USA’s National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) recognizes mile2’s certification courseware. NSA is home to America’s code makers and code breakers.

2) Mile2 is approved on USA’s Department of Defense’s National Initiative for Cyber security Careers and Studies (NICCS) training catalogue.

3) Mile2® courseware is on preferred course list for FBI

4) Mile2 courseware has been approved by NSA’s Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) National Training Standards. The Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Program provides consistency in technology training and education for the information assurance industry.

5) Mile2® administers its certification exams through the MACS (Mile2 Assessment and Certification System) system

World’s leading names who been using Mile2® courseware:
FBI, US Army, US Army National Guard, US Navy, US Marines, United Nations, NATO (Europe), Norwegian Navy, Australian Defense Signals Directorate, Siemens, FedEx, Motorola and many more.


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Our Current Mile2® course offering with internationally recognized cyber security certification:

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C)ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer (5 days)

  • The Certified Information Systems Security Officer course is designed for forward-thinking security professionals that want the advanced skillset necessary to manage and consult businesses on information security.
  • The C)ISSO addresses the broad range of industry best practices, knowledge and skills expected of a security leader. The candidate will learn both the theory and the requirements for practical implementation of core security concepts, practices, monitoring and compliance. Through the use of a risk-based approach, a C)ISSO is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls that are aligned with business requirements.
  • The C)ISSO course is the ideal way to increase your knowledge, expertise, skill, and credibility in the field of Information Security.
  • The C)ISSO program standards are closely aligned with those of the ISO27001, NIST, CISM® and the CISSP® CBK® exam objectives.
  • The C) ISSO excels by providing a well-rounded, comprehensive overview of essential security topics.

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”). The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

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C) PTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (5 days)

  • The Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course trains students on the 5 key elements of penetration testing: information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and reporting. Ethical hacking is the art of using these penetration testing techniques to identify and repair the latest vulnerabilities in a system to make sure it is secure. Malicious hackers use these same techniques to find the same vulnerabilities except they exploit the vulnerabilities giving them access to the businesses’ network. Once inside, hackers can access private information, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers of clients and employees. It’s very likely this data will be held for ransom or sold off on a black market.
  • Hackers are constantly looking for new companies they can exploit; when they come across yours, will they be able to gain access? Certified Penetration Testing Engineers are the solution to prevent this from happening to businesses they serve.
  • With our proprietary penetration testing lab exercises, students will spend about 20 hours getting real-world penetration testing experience. They'll know what they are learning and they'll know how to use it after course. Our instructors will also provide real life examples of when to use the techniques that are being taught. There is no better way to learn the art of penetration testing.
  • This course also enhances the business skills needed to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities and optimize security controls appropriate to the business needs in order to reduce business risk.

A minimum of 12 months experience in networking technologies. Sound knowledge of TCP/IP. Basic Knowledge of Linux is essential.

The exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”). The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

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C) DFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (5 days)

  • Digital Forensics is the investigation and recovery of data contained in digital devices. This data is often the subject of investigations in litigation, proof of guilt, and corrective action in an organization. When the time comes that you need to investigate your organization, will you have the skill set necessary to gather the digital data that you need?
  • The Certified Digital Forensics Examiner course will benefit organizations, individuals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies in performing these investigations and reporting their findings.
  • To illustrate, let’s say an employee needs to be terminated for a violation of computer usage rules. To do so, the organization must furnish an irrefutable burden of proof based on digital evidence. If not irrefutable, an attorney knowledgeable about Digital Forensics could have the case thrown out of court. Government and investigative agencies need proper training to succeed in cases like the above as well as those including acts of fraud, computer misuse, counterfeiting, and so forth. A C)DFE is aptly prepared to handle these types of situations.

C) ISSO: Information Systems Security Officer Or equivalent experience.

The exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”). The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

Mile2 certifications:

  • Accredited by the NSA CNSS 4011-4016
  • Is approved and has been placed on Homeland's Security National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers and Studies NICCS training providers and maps to the NICCS (National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework)
  • Preferred cyber certification for the FBI
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CPE Credit Accreditation:
All Mile2® courses can be submitted to (ISC)2, ISACA, SANS that require continuing professional education (CPE) credits. CPE credits are obtained by submitting a copy of your certificate of completion received in each mile2® course..


Case Study- mile2’s penetration testing and instructional services have become the de facto standard for the US military, with dedicated classes being delivered to many branches of the military in the United States and Europe including the US and Royal Air Force, Marines.

Download Mile2® Case Study

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